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Birthdate:Mar 12
All will be revealed...or at least, the interesting and flattering parts. I hope. Well. . . .

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a clockwork orange, astral projection, baking, bathypelagic fish, baudelaire, beethoven, being a smug bastard, bones, breaking the four word interest rule, chemistry, comic books, cruelty, demonology, demons, dexter, dickinson, dostoyevsky, e nomine, esoterica, evil, fire, free will, fuel, gavin rossdale's everything, genetics, glassware, hellblazer, hypnosis, indigo, industrial organic art, interstate 60, judeochristian mythology, laboratories, long walks, magic, mary roach, milton, milton's satan, mozart, nabokov, neil gaiman, orangina, philosophy, plath, poetry, presdigitation, quoting paradise lost, radio isotopes, rammstein, reading, religious mythology, rimbaud, samuel barber, sex and death 101, shakespeare, subway to sally, swinburne, the 136 frozen hells, the beatles, the devil, the paranormal, things shaped like stories, thinking, this is not a subliminal command, tom waits, torture, trees, verdi, vertigo comics, very sharp and precise instruments, video games, warlocks, wearing the labcoat home, world of warcraft, writing
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